Spring has Sprung…

March 22, 2008

Despite the snow still hanging around, I have finally been inspired to make a spring outfit.  This new release is part of the Ohana Lifestyle Collection and is in the new Spring shades.  It is called Springpop Diva and comes in 5 colours – Buttercup, Leaf, Sky, Lilac and Ash.

Each dress is 100L and there is a fat pack of all 5 for just 400L.  They are out now in both my Teapot store and over at Accessories by Eolande.

Also at my Teapot store, I have a Relay for Life kiosk.  Please give generously as all the money goes to help fight the battle against cancer.



December 28, 2007

Eolande, bless her cotton socks, has so much faith in me – and I sometimes wonder why.  She asked me to produce an outfit to go with her new snowflake belt – which, btw, is so totally beautiful.  There was a really tight schedule to get this done.  I played around a bit, got a really cute skirt with a lace underskirt to it but wasn’t nearly happy enough with the glitch pants or top.  So I left it over night, came back to it and produced a cute outfit.  At least, to my tired brain it was cute.  And my friends were really sweet and said it was cute too… but, after a few days and many times of seeing it up in my store, I just was so so not happy.

Last night, during the hockey, I got inspired and re-did the outfit.  I made new pants, 2 new tops and a new texture for the skirt.  It has a small snowflake detail on both tops and the pants.  Finally, I am happy with it.  A few quick changes to box textures and contents – it is up in my store (and Eolande’s next to the snowflake belts).  I will be releasing this in the Ohana Winter Colours – sometime before the end of winter 😉

Snowflake Black

I spend half my time thanking Eolande– but, when someone has that much faith in you and helps to push you to do things, you kinda want to thank them all the time.  She is an inspiration, and an amazing lady who creates beautiful accessories!  Thank you Tink!!!

And don’t forget… only 3 more days left of our hunt!!

Ohana Lifestyle Collection – December

December 3, 2007

Along with the move, its also that time yet again for our new Ohana Lifestyle Collections release.  Eolande yet again picked some beautiful colours and inspired us.

I decided to attempt my first empire waisted flexi.  Well, I enjoyed the making part in Photoshop, had some fun with patterns and decided on a spotty top.  When it came to the flexi skirt I just about pulled my hair out! After screwing up yet another attempt I left it for a few days and went back.  Glad I did.  After what seemed like hours, I was really pleased with the results – and was so happy I didn’t give up.

Called The Dansant(which is another way of saying Tea Party) it comes in 8 colours.  The skirt is mod/copy so you can make it fit your sized waist (and bum).  It costs 100L each and there is a nice fat pack of all 8 for just 650L.  Its great for dancing and I hope you have some fun wearing it.

The Dansant

Ohana Lifestyle Collection – November

November 6, 2007

As I said in my first post… my shop can be found in the Ohana Isle Marketplace.  Ohana Isle is also where my buddies and myself reside/play/fool around whatever you wanna call it.  Thanks to a great lady (Eolande – who I most fondly refer to as Tink) made it possible for us to have a space to call our own.  It was also Tink’s idea for the residents of Ohana Isle to work on a project together.  So began the Ohana Lifestyle Collection.  A collection of co-ordinating clothes, furniture and jewelry.

My contribution to this collaberation is a dress.  I had never made a full dress before, but the colours Eolande had chosen were a true inspiration to me.  So I set about creating a simple, but elegant dress (well, it is to me).  After changing the colours and fiddling with the flexi skirt – I actually ended up making about 4 skirts as I kept tweaking them and breaking them! – my first dress was finished and I had no idea what to call it.  I was toying with using “wind” in the name as it is so twirly and moves so beautifully.  I chatted with my friend Doc who in her wisdom came up with the name – Tea Breeze (and she promises it wasn’t just because of my name ;)).  Well, it is kind of tea length.

Tea Breeze

It retails for only 50L for each colour.  I do have a special on them too, buy all 8 for 350L.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.  I can’t wait for the next set of colours!