Ohana Isle is 2 Years Old!

August 12, 2009



Love is in the Air…

February 6, 2009

Well this came round quick! It is hunt time on Ohana Isle.  Scattered around the island are some candy hearts full with love from  the residents.  As always we have created original content to give away for free!  And the best thing now is… the hunt has a scripted checklist HUD! No more wondering if you found them all.. no more buying objects by accident.  Just grab the HUD from the Welcome Centre, wear it and find the hearts.  When you find them, just left click and the contents will be given to you.  Then the HUD will mark the number off and even tell you how many more there are to go!  Are we wonderful or what? (Well, actually Kat is wonderful for scripting it for us :))

So what are you waiting for?  Go to Ohana Isle now and have some fun!  Oh, and don’t forget to click the !! button on the HUD – happy things will happen if you do 🙂

December 13, 2008

Hooray for Winter and Holidays! Yup, its time for an Ohana Isle Hunt.  Hopefully you didn’t all have withdrawals last month when we took a well deserved month off.  From now until the 21st head on down to the Island and grab some santa hats that are lying around all over the place and get some lovely original FREEBIES!

Grab a map from here and get hunting!

A new Tinkerpunk is at the Hunt

October 28, 2008

So, this release has only taken me since February!  You may (or may not) recall I released a Fairy outfit called Tinkerpunk back in February – even had a limited edition version out for the DiS Grid wide hunt 🙂  Well, the black and green versions have been waiting for some more colours to join them – and at last they have another colour to add to the collection.  The new colour is… yup Orange – just in time for Halloween 🙂

It comes complete with Flexi Skirt, Bodice (on 2 layers) socks, arm warmers and 2 wing sizes.  It is out now at the front of my store with the other 2 colours.  I am sure in the next 8 months I may get my butt into gear to make some more colours 😉

And while I was kind of talking about Halloween – don’t forget that the Ohana Isle Hunt is on this week.  41 eyeballs to collect filled with original goodies made by the designers of Ohana Isle and Moawii.  It is on until Sunday so come and grab some goodies!
Here’s the starting point : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ohana%20Isle/171/121/45/?title=Ohana%20Isle%20Hunt  Good luck and happy hunting!

Hunting we will go…

September 2, 2008

Just a teeny tiny reminder that the Ohana Isle Birthday Hunt is still going.  It will end on the 7th September, so lots of time to snaffle OVER 70 very cool free gifts! (yes, we went crazy!)  And, not only are there new freebies out there, we have also put out some of our favourites from the past year, along with GIANT versions of the past treasure objects.  You can now own a piece of Ohana Hunting History – and take out all your hunting frustrations on it 🙂

Don’t forget, as well as the easy peesy treasures, there are 5 UBER treasures out there.  Find them all, wear the boxes and take a picture of yourself.  Send it to Eolande Elvehjem and be entered into the prize draw to win Ohana Isle gift cards!  Don’t forget to say who you are too 😉

While you are hunting, you can also check out the Lucky Fortunes that are still out in Eolande’s.  Win either the blue Stardust Dress or a set of Eolande’s funky ‘shimmering’ Lucky Stars accessories.  Hurry though – cos they will be gone soon!

Wednesday and Thursday on Ohana Isle will be party time, come and join DJ Nuk and me for some cool tunes from 6pm!

Happy Birthday Ohana Isle

August 28, 2008

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Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2008

July 1st – Fireworks, day off work and drinking – must be Canada Day 🙂  To celebrate there is 50% off the “Oh Canada” Flag outfit – for today only.  It is on the back wall of my Tea Pot store on Ohana Isle

Oh Canada


And while you are buzzing to the store – don’t forget that it’s the Ohana Isle and Moawii World Hunt.  47 globes have been hidden around the Islands – with 5 Uber Treasures.  Find all 5 Uber Treasures, wear the special Uber Boxes inside them, take a picture and send it to Eolande Elvehjem and be entered into the draw to win some Ohana Isle Gift Cards!  The Hunt is on until the 5th July and you can start the hunt here