Happy Birthday Ohana Isle

August 28, 2008

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She is Stardust….

August 19, 2008

Woooohoooo Tea Monster finally has a new release!  Yes I know, I have been totally slack the last few months… but well it is Summer and Summer means enjoying the sun!

So, this new release… It was originally created for only 1 person – Eolande (Of Accessories By Eolande) – as a birthday present.  Eolande being the wonderful kind lovely lady she is (you can pay me later hon ;)) asked if it was going to be released… “I said yeah maybe in other colours, but the blue is only for you.”  After much procrastinating and doing of other things, I finally sat down and made the other colours – chatted about a name and came up with – Stardust.

Stardust is a cute dress dusted with stars.  It has a tiered flexi skirt and comes with a long bodice, for those formal moments, and a shorter one, which lends itself to a more punky feel (especially if coupled with some fab stockings like those in the Punk Shack and a great pair of boots!).  There are 7 colours to choose from or you can get all of them in the fat pack.

Now, I know I told Eolande that the blue was only for her – but she insited all a long that I should release it…  She was inspired by the dress to make a Lucky Star range of jewellery and hair sticks.  Around the time we were discussing the dress and the jewellery, the Lucky Fortunes booth was released and Eolande, being the wonderful clever woman she is, said – “Hey, we could use a couple of those.  I will put in a Lucky Stars pack and you can put one of your Stardust dresses in… how about the blue one? ;)”  So, yes, I have released the blue one – but the only way to get it is to head to Eolande’s on Ohana Isle, use the Lucky Fortune machines and match up 100% with someone.  We released this yesterday – and had so much fun with people trying to match last night 🙂

The release of the blue dress is only while the Lucky Fortunes are up… once they go back into the vault – the dress will go with them!

Stardust is out now in the Teapot store on Ohana Isle and the Lucky Fortunes can be found in Accessories by Eolande (just round the corner from my store :))