We have gone Fishing Crazy!

May 30, 2008

Well, it may be a little off schedule – and then the grid decided to do a wobbly on us just as we were ready – but at last the May/June Ohana Isle Fishing Hunt is now on! We have over 40 cans of worms hidden over Ohana and Moaii (the new island joining Ohana where you can find Buddha Beats now) and they are filled with original goodies that are FREE!!!

As Fishing is our theme – Eolande (of Accessories by Eolande) will be giving out random prizes of 7Seas Fishing goodies!

When you come to do the hunt, pick up your Ohana Isle Hunt Guide at the starting point at the top of Mt. Wannahawkaloogie.  Use it to help you find the numbered treasures all over the island.  Buy each for L$0, and the goodies inside are yours.

You can find the original creation treasures of all the designers scattered about Ohana Isle : Accessories by Eolande main shop, Club 33, Mount Wannahawkaloogie, Halloween 365, Tea Monster, House of Mouse, Treahouse Treasures, Gridlife, Buddha Beats, MarillaAnne’s Coffee & Book Nook, Primary, Punk Shack, Hawkster Damage Productions.

The hunt is one from now until June 8th! Happy Hunting! Start the Hunt Here!


Did someone say Hunt?

May 28, 2008

Yay! Its Hunt Time on Ohana Isle!

It starts on Friday.  Don’t forget to grab a map from one of the info givers before you start!  All original Freebies – you can’t go wrong!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

May 11, 2008

Wishing all those mothers, mothers to be and people who are just like mothes to others a very Happy Day!  I hope that you feel special and loved – cos I sure do today!

I have changed my 1L Special so that you all have something cute to go see your Mums in!  Its on my wall so have fun looking 🙂

Ad remember to give your Mum a hug today.  Appreciate them and tell them you love them!

Just a Quickie…

May 10, 2008

It’s a Saturday and after a trip to Toys R Us and a bask in the sunshine, I figured I would let slip about the next Ohana Isle Hunt…. You are all probably ready for another – and in theory it would be starting on the 16th.  But, we have decided to make a change so that we aren’t all over the shop with them.  Hunts will be starting the first weekend of the month from now on.  That means, you all have to wait until the end of May!  Can you last that long?  I am pretty sure you can.  After all – there will be oodles of wonderful original freebies to find!

And, to say thank you for being so patient and waiting.  I have knocked one item down to 1L for 1 day… so go try and find it on the wall at Tea Monster!